Fireplace rules

  1. It is obligatory to submit each firebone to the House’27 owner under the following mobile no: +48 882168124 by sending a text message. The data that should be placed in the text message: name and surname, apartment no of the person responsible for the firebone organization.
  2. It is allowed to make a firebone between 6 am and 10pm. Please bear in mind other users of House’27 apartments and our neighbors.
  3. Everyone attending the firebone is required to obey the fireplace rules. 
  4. Children are allowed to use the fireplace only in attendance of an adult caretaker.
  5. Having a fire in any other place than a specifically dedicated fire area is forbidden. 
  6. The person responsible for firebone is required to put down the fire after the gathering by pouring water on it or by putting the metal lid on top of the fire. 
  7. The organizer of the firebone is responsible for all the participants’ safety. He/she/they is/are required to keep the place clean.
  8. The wood for the firebone should be purchased on one’s own or the amount of 100zł should be transferred on the following bank account: 85 1140 2004 0000 3302 8144 2440;  IBAN: PL85 1140 2004 0000 3302 8144 2440
  9.  It is forbidden to use the equipment, and the fireplace area against its purpose.
  10. All damages or defects should be reported under the following mobile no: +48 882168124.
  11. Everyone using the fireplace is obliged to follow the restrictions of rescue services (police, firefighters and medical services) and the owners or caretakers of the House’27. Especially in life-threatening situations. 
  12. The house’27 owners do not take responsibility for accidents that may happen while using the fireplace area. Users take the full responsibility for their actions and safety. Users take financial responsibility for all the damages they may cause. 
  13. It is strictly forbidden to make a fire during windy weather due to the high risk of sparks spreading and fire danger. 
  14. In case of emergency please call 112.
  15. Entering the fireplace area means you accept all of the Rules above. By entering this fire area you take full lawful and financial responsibility for not obeying these rules.

Playground Rules

  1. The playground is designed  for kids over 3 years old.
  2. Parents take full responsibility for children’s safety while on the playground.
  3. Parents take full responsibility for all the damages and accidents on the playground made by their children. 
  4. Animals are not allowed on the playground.
  5. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or use drugs while on the playground. The guardian of a child on the playground shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  1. It is forbidden to:
  • climb the upper parts of the playground, hanging or swinging on the chains,
  • using the equipment against its rules,
  • riding a bike, skateboard, rollerblades etc.
  • bringing toys or equipment that may threaten the safety of the playground users.